KeySwop 0.4.1

Remap the softkeys on your Pocket PC


  • Easy to configure
  • Map softkeys and create Start menu entries


  • Ugly GUI
  • Swap is spelt 'S.W.A.P'


Pocket PCs are great and everything but I don't like the fact that I often have to fiddle around with the stylus navigating the menus to find the application or file I need to access.

Thankfully there are a bevy of programs that can improve your productivity by allowing you to access your favourite apps or documents using the softkeys.

KeySwop is just one of these, and aside from the misspelt name, I thought it was pretty good.

You get the ability to define a new label for both the left and right softkeys, plus functionality for adding shortcuts to your favourite apps on the "Today" screen.

KeySwop's user interface is a little ugly, but nevertheless you can map the keys within just a few clicks.

It's simply a case of selecting your target softkey links using the 'Browse' button before editing the labels if need be.

Shortcuts can be added to your Start menu list using the 'Add' button. Click on 'Apply' and your new shortcuts will be set. It's that simple.

If you're fed up with trawling through menu systems to get to your most commonly-used utilities, then KeySwop is ideal.

Supports 320x320 screen. Added one new shortcut.


  • Supports 320x320 screen. Added one new shortcut.

KeySwop is a simple tool for you to remap the softkeys on the Today screen. To use the program, select the target links using the "Browse" buttons and edit the labels if needed.

You can also add new shortcuts to your Start Menu from the dropdown list using the "Add" button. Click on "Apply" to apply the changes for the relevant softkey.



KeySwop 0.4.1

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